Revlon colorstay Foundation Combo/Oily Skin


This has been long overdue. I first used the Revlon Colorstay Foundation over 6 years ago right after I let go of the then popular Marykay foundation in 507. I must confess back then, I didn’t know much about foundation and wondered why my Marykay slides down my face barely 2 hours after application. Imagine my surprise when I used the Revlon Colorstay Foundation… It felt nothing like the one I was used to. Afterwards I went right into using other foundations as my knowledge for makeup broadens, but lately I find myself reaching out to it more often.

A foundation that smoothes on evenly for a flawless look. This foundation features SoftFlex technology that will not rub off with normal wear. Oil free formula looks fresh, feels natural and controls excess oil.


A slightly thick long-lasting formula, feels creamy on the skin without being too heavy or watery


It helps keep my face matte for at most 6 hours without retouching, that’s a plus considering I have super oil skin and can’t get past 3 hours without looking oily with other brands. It’s super easy to apply on the skin with a hygienic package and pump (Thank goodness)!!! It has SPF 15 which protects me to an extent from the harsh sun in Lagos. It can last up to 6-7 hours if retouched with face powder. I wear this with my Becca primer so that it doesn't slide off or melt into creases and fine lines over time. Price is just right for everyday wear, and a bottle last me 3 months. How amazing!! Doesn't break me out or clog my pores. Word on the street says it contains salicylic acid that balances oil production over time (I can’t prove this). It also does not transfer to clothing; which is really good for an affordable foundation and times when I have to embrace Le Boo.


I didn't like the finish of this foundation either; it dried to quick and was sometimes hard to blend. The foundation is almost a satin finish which I find to be alright except there seems to be very small particles of shine/glitter in it. I think this is to give a glow to the face but I would prefer if this foundation was without this. Of course you can't really see this aspect of the foundation unless you're really looking for it but it was something I noticed upon repeated use.

If you have oily skin and are on the hunt for a good foundation, I'd say give this one a shot. All in all it really is a great and reliable foundation

PRICE: 5000

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