The 6th Lagos Makeup Fair


Howdy beauties,

The 6th lagos makeup fair kicked off yesterday, if you haven't already gone to stock up on discounted beauty products you still have time as it ends today.

If you didn't recognize me yesterday, don't fret I didn't  recognize myself!!! I was a hot mess. I totally forgot about the event and headed out to the gym as usual.  Imagine my shock when I got a call from shade, I did the first thing that came to mind... I dashed off straight to the event.

The event was filled with beautiful ladies and so many makeup brands I never knew existed. Surely the makeup industry is beginning to take shape. I totally forgot about the gate fee, 'twas kinda new to me as I never paid for the previous ones I attended. I was given a cute wrist band and a branded shopping bag which came in handy to carry products I got.

I met a couple of my online beauties Doyin of @chloemakeovers (her eyeliner was lit), Yemisi of @bebynsure, Ijeoma, Giftysdaughters, ugochukwu of @beautybank_ng , shopsisi (her glitters are the bomb).

I shopped from a couple of stands, hegai and Esther was so kind to gift me her very pigmented gel eyeliner in onyx with my purchase (yeay). The damage done now that I'm sober is heart breaking. I'll have to skip meals to get back on my feet. I'll show off my haul in another post.

Have y'all tried out the Nuban matte metallic lipstick???? I had to pinch myself back to reality when I wore It for a night out with the girls afterwards. I'll show you in my next post I promise. I was also a model for the gele contest anchored by the one and only gele king.
Gele contest

Find below photos I took of the event with my phone.


Nuban beauty




Yemisi @bebynsure


Where you at the fair? What did you get? Let me know in the comments 

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  1. Awwwww I was there and you were in my list of people I had wanted to meet I didn't not recognize you at all. Well another opportunity will def come.


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