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If you’ve been looking for an easy way of applying false eyelashes mess free, get in here because I might just have found the ONE. The is the holy grail of false eyelash applicators. The Eyelash Applicator follows the contour of the eyelid for a flawless, fast and simple placement.

I’ve used the regular tweezers for the longest time ever until I found this bad boy right here. Everything about it is right the length, the curve, the amount of hold

To use, gently grasp the false lashes close to the adhesive line. Apply lash glue to the lash band and allow for the glue to become tacky. Gently press the Eyelash Applicator above your natural lash line to apply the false lashes.

It’s so easy, it's almost foolproof. The trick is letting the glue sit for about 15 to 20 seconds before applying them to your eye so that it can get tacky. When the glue is tacky, it's easier for the lashes to adhere to the skin.

I could remember buying my first professional tweezers for N2000 (I’m not about that life right now) but this wonder tool here costs less than N500. Why pay more when you can pay less? Its available in most local beauty supply store.

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  1. niceeee... this is a really good information, I will definitely look out to get one. thank you


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