Double Ended Eyebrow Brush


Hey guys

I was looking for Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush but it was sold out and the girl at the brow bar I went to recommended this brush to me. I was super skeptical about trying an unbranded product because I know it’s most likely been made in china (no pun intended).

I love this all-in-one tool that features both a premium spoolie and synthetic angled bristles. The spoolie end is a useful bonus tool to brush your eyebrows into place and ensure your brow product is evenly dispersed. Whether you’re a bold brow enthusiast or more of a natural brow fan, this do-it-all brush is a must-have tool for any collection. Its stiff and dense and makes applying color extremely easy. It is light weight and makes my dipbrow pomade application look professional. The angled bristles helps with precision in applying conceal/foundation when cleaning up the brows.

This brush is a MUST HAVE. I always get compliments on my brows and this brush just added more to it. It's amazing. Honestly, I almost dare say better than the Anastasia brush. It is definitely comparable to Anastasia's if not a bit better with the spoolie end. The only down side is you have to check individual brush quality as they can be inconsistent due to mass production.

The best part of it is the cost… (Wait for it) N500!!! As oppose to N6000 for ABH? This is a steal. Go get yours and thank me later.

Till my next post…

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