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Happy New Year. I know this is coming late as i didn't get the chance to say it when it started, but you know what they say, better late than never right?. Today's post is all about getting results with products readily available and affordable. Over the years I've found myself going form spas to spas, products to products based on recommendation of people I felt knew their onions only to get disappointed when they fail to meet my expectations. Not anymore!!!

If you haven't heard of turmeric then i don't know the rock you have been living under but don't fret!!! you've come to the right place. it's a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family (Yes I studied Botany) 
The rhizomes are boiled for about 30–45 minutes and then dried in hot ovens, after which they are grounded into a deep-orange-yellow powder.

Its packs nutrients that are beneficial to the skin like;
Calcium: Composes the uppermost layer of skin. Heals dry, withered skin.
Vitamin C: Helps build up collagen and maintain skin tautness and elasticity.
Vitamin B6: Necessary for new skin cell formation. Keeps skin moisturized and healthy.
Potassium: Solves dry skin by moisturizing and hydrating skin cells.
Magnesium: For youthful radiant skin. Slows down the aging process of skin.
Let's make a lightening mask out of it.
·         1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
·         1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice
·         1 teaspoon honey

Lemon is Mother Earth's natural astringent, making this face mask perfect for
oily skin and acne. This face mask will tone skin and tighten pores. The moisturizing and hydrating honey offers the perfect counterpoint to the lemon, allowing you to reduce excess sebum without overly drying your skin
Lemon: Tightens large pores as a natural astringent. Contains antibacterial properties that kill off bacteria responsible for acne, pimples, and white heads. Tones oily skin. Deep-cleanses clogged pores of excess sebum, bacteria, pollution, and dirt.
Honey          :Contains skin-lightening properties that can reduce the visibility of acne scars and dark spots. Combats free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles on skin. Kills acne-causing germs. Moisturizes and hydrates skin.
  1. Thoroughly combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Don't worry if the mixture gets runny—you can just add a little rice flour to make it thick again.
  2. Use a face brush or clean finger tips to rub the mixture into your clean, dry face and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. The maximum amount of time you can keep it on for? Until it dries completely—beyond that, there's no need to keep it on for longer.
  3. After the time is up, wash the mixture off with warm water and pat your face dry. Behold your glowing face!

Top Tips:
·         Go easy on the lemon. Please use no more than 1/2 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, especially if you have acne and dry skin. Too much lemon juice can irritate skin and redden pimples.
·         Be choosy with your honey. Use raw honey for best results. Processed honey often contains artificial ingredients that may irritate skin.
·         Prevent drips. Stand over your kitchen or bathroom sink when slathering on this watery face mask.
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