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My first choice, when it comes to recommending skin lightening products, would always be natural organic products because its relatively safe. Currently using extract soap and it's been effective in making my skin silky smooth and lightened obviously. It also helped my skin to become smoother and it prevented pimples and blackhead on my skin, so I decided to try the lotion.

Extract whitening lotion made in the Philippines, claims to whiten skin in just 7 days! It comes with SPF 10 and Antioxidants and Vitamins C and B3. It has Citruwhite Formula. It’s infused with two potent natural ingredients Papaya which is known to effectively whiten the skin     and Calamansi which is known to lighten stubborn dark spots. The lotion is available in 200ml and 350ml. I purchased the 350ml as it was economical. Did it work?... Let's find out.


Packaging: It comes in a 350ml flat bottle and almost shaped-like a coke bottle with a pump that can be opened to dispense cream or closed.

Texture & Odor: I have to agree that this is really non-greasy. It is a white creamy lotion. It’s water-based and so lightweight. It also has a non greasy feel which is just great for me considering the fact that I have an oily skin Whenever I apply this, I don’t feel sticky at all. It also doesn’t make my skin warmer which is a good thing since I easily get sweaty It has a sweet smelling scent, almost like lemons.

Life San: Depending on how you use it, it can last for a month.

How to use:

Price: N2000. Price may differ with seller or location.

My Thoughts: Overall, this is a good lotion. It contains SPF 10 that protects my skin from sun damage. It’s not expensive but it does a really great job in moisturizing and lightening my skin. At first, I thought this is not making my skin any lighter. I used this lotion twice a day, that’s morning and night before bedtime. I experimented and tried this lotion for 7 days. I was disappointed because there were no obvious lightening of skin after using it for 7 days. So I thought it didn’t really lighten my skin and I also thought that maybe it just depends on how much it’s supposed to actually lighten the skin. If you don’t get the expected lightening effects in a short amount of time, be patient and continue to use this regularly and you’ll achieve an even skin. However, I still continued using it after a few weeks and to my surprise, my tan lines faded completely and my skin obviously evened out. In my opinion, this product is best for people who wants to maintain an even skin tone or who wants to lighten the skin gradually.

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