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I've heard a lot of mixed things about this primer. Some people loved it and other hated it with passion. That's one of the reasons why I was skeptical about buying it, the other is that I hate putting silicone based products on my face BUT I ended up buying the travel size version.

Packaging:  Benefit is known for its irreverent product names with cute and chic packaging. The benefit primer comes in a pretty sea blue plastic tube with a black cap. It has a small nozzle to take out the product and helps control the amount to dispense quite well.

I think SpyGal is an awesome personification of The POREfessional. There is an extra lid at the front of the box (very clever), which reveals a picture of a Spy Gal action figure (with her pore-zapping ray gun). Too cute! 

: silky beige balm with a super light texture. This is an oil-free formula and contains a Vitamin E derivative to help protect the skin from free radicals.

Application: To use, apply to clean, moisturized skin. Pat on problem areas and blend with fingertips. You need just a pea-sized amount for the T-zone and probably the cheeks (that’s where my pores are more visible)
 Now this is more of a spot treatment and Benefit suggests using it on problem areas but not smoothing it all over your face. I think it’s best to concentrate on key locations as well since it won’t pill or roll off your face

Overall thoughts: If you have combination skin with pores, Benefit Porefessional may be one to indulge in. The balm goes on translucent, blends into the skin so smoothly and easily, and is absolutely grease-free. You can either use it alone, under or over makeup, depending on your daily makeup routine.

This is airbrush in a tube! I found that it also softens the fine lines. However, its effects last around 3 hours on me – if I put it on in the morning, the shine returns mid-day and I’ll have to touch up. It doesn't contain sunscreen, it doesn't provide coverage, and I'm not seeing any health benefits (antioxidants) that make me want to add this optional makeup step. Tinted, fragranced silicone is all I see. I won't be using this as often only on special occasions.

I’d also like to highlight that one of the main ingredients in this product is silicone (which gives it that soft satiny texture); you really have to make sure that you remove every single bit of it (the same applies to your other makeup products as well) at the end of the day so that you don’t suffer a breakout. So far, I have not broken out from using The POREfessional (thankfully!)

Price: 0.25ml for N3600

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