Nail Art Essentials: Striping Tape


Let me introduce you to my new favorite beauty tool: Striping tape. This ultra thin adhesive is basically a holy grail for nail art designs—it lets just about anyone achieve salon-quality precision with their at-home manicures. Free handing such a defined design is near impossible, but with this tape handy, we’re seeing clean, minimal looks on just about every tricked out tip around.

With a striping tape Mostly, you need patience. And that's just not something you can buy at the nail art supply store! It comes in varieties of colours and are super cheap. I got 10 for less than $1/N300/C4

Dont have a nail striping tape? Not to worry you can always improvise with the ever so popular cellutape. The down side is you"ll need to cut precisely and sometimes paint over.

You'd need something to cut. i use a nail scissors or a nail clipper and tweezers. This is optional as you can always use your hands.

Sneek peak of a Nail art i created using striping tape. Here's how to recreate...

1. Apply a base polish on nail.

2. Cut striping tape to size and place on nails vertically.

3. Apply desired nail polish over the entire nail.

4. Quickly remove striping tape and apply a topcoat for added shine.

Purchased from: Aliexpress

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