The art of Henna


Henna is a natural plant based temporary dye gotten from Lawsonia inermis, a plant predominantly found in some parts of Africa, Australia and Southern Asia. It is dried, crushed and sold in its powdery form. The henna paste is made by mixing equal part of henna and water. 

Henna ( locally called laali) is probably the easiest way to get designs on body without the pain and long time commitment of a real tattoo. The fact that you can switch up different designs as it fades which is anywhere from two weeks is a plus. See all the beautiful designs online spurred me up to create a master piece of my own (wrong idea).

I got a pack of laali from my local vendor, mixed it up in a small nylon and created my worst nightmare!!! Horrible!!! Hideous!!! So ugly I hide my hands and dint leave the house for two weeks!!! Then I finally accepted my fate "I'm never going to be good at it". 

It didn't take long to find someone to do it for me. I had this done by a guy in a popular store in Yaba for $1/ N400/ C4. My only regret is Not having gone with the designs he showed me but "Mrs know all" had something else in mind which I described vividly to him as I saw it in my minds eyes. This was what we came out with. 

Overall okay but would pick a better design next time.
Till my next post...

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