Flash Tattoo


Say hello to my current obsession. It is called a Flash Tattoo.
It's a temporary tattoo available in black or metallic finish. The metallic finish looks more like a jewelry and notable stars have been known to use it. So now I can wear & layer beach bling for 5-7 days, without fear of it falling off.

I used to be in the henna camp until I found these babies. It's more like a tattoo without the pain, expertise and the long time commitment. The price, the ease of application and its wide range of selection is a no brainier.

Here’s how to wear those strangely addictive temporary tattoos that — yes, my friends — are likely to be around in my stash for a long time.

1. Clean and dry the desired area of application

2. Cut out the desired designs of your choice and remove the transparent film

3. Place tattoo face down on skin

4. Rub and wet the tatoo completely with damp sponge or cloth

5. Starting from the corners, peel the tattoo gently off
Any you're done!!!

It can last for several days if transferred carefully. They’ve been quite the conversation starter. I might just start telling people they are permanent so I get some major bonus cool gal points.

Purchased: Aliexpress
Price: $1/ N400 / C4

Till my next post...

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