Beauty on a budget: 8 piece eye makeup brush set


Ever since I discovered the surest way to shop on Aliexpress,  I've been on the hunt for quality affordable brushes although my last find is still holding up even after daily use for the last 6 months. 

An advert on Aliexpress popped up on my screen while doing a research on a project I'm currently working on and I thought to give it a go. It was love at first sight. Although I have some of these brushes in other brands, I thought to give this a try for the price it's literally a steal. 

It came in a clear plastic wrap nothing fancy. I ordered during the Chinese New Year so I had to wait about a week for it to ship out. The brush set is the truth!!! You have an angle brush perfect for sculpting the eyebrows, lip brush, a couple of eye shadow brush and an eyeliner brush!!! All for $3/N900/C10!!! I don't know where else you can find a great deal as this.

I compared the quality of some of my named brand to it and I kid you not I couldn't tell the difference. The only down side to ordering online is the wait game I hate it!!! I waited a long and excruciating four weeks to try out these babies and it was worth the wait. My only regret is not ordering more for friends cos this would be a perfect gift idea for those picky fingers in my squad.

Product: 8 piece 
Cost: $3.67 / N100 / C20
Shipping Method: China post (Free)
Date ordered: 7th-Feb-2016
Date received: 10th-Mar-2016

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  1. Aviky I dey that your squad ooooo. By fire by force. Lovely blog...

  2. Woow, that's a fantastic deal. I should check aliexpress out


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