DIY: Lower False Lashes


Hello there beautiful people, it has come to my attention a lot of people don't know how to stick on false lower lashes and skip this process completely and on my Facebook page one of my avid blog reader asked me to do a mini tutorial on . I'm gonna keep it quick and short and I hope you all find this easy as it literally took me about two minutes to complete.

The lashes I'm gonna be using for my under eyes are from aliexpress and they cost $1/N400 / C4 for all 10 pairs.

I've used a lot of other brand in the past but I find myself going back to this because it's super affordable and comes in different styles. When it comes to glueing under eye lashes you have to realise that the pack has to be the other way round.Positioning an eyelash at the bottom of the lash is a lot easier than positioning the top lashes on because you can see clearly what you are doing in the mirror.

First measure to see if it fits, if it doesn't you could trim it. I had to trim about two sections off: I personally find the easiest way to trim lashes is to use the a nail clipper.

Apply a thin line of lash adhesive along the trimmed band of the falsies like so ( I'm using the duo eyelash glue) and wait about 15 to 20 seconds (depending on the eyelash glue used) for it to get tacky, you can blow on it a little bit as well.

Place it right under your real under eye lash ( mine is non existent).

There you have it!!!

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