Beauty discovery: House of Tay


It would be a disservice to my loyal readers if I didn't let you know of this awesome deal I found on dealdey (click link to view deal) I was looking up on some deals  as I normally do when I'm bored when I stumbled on this deal from house of Tay which I quickly brushed off because It looked so good to be true. On second thought I did some investigations by checking out their reviews online, website and Facebook, found a handful of decent reviews but what did it for me was she was a finster ( an all female private group on Facebook).

The deal comes in 4 spa packages with different value. I got the N4000 spa coupon voucher with a value of N30,000 ( i kid you not)

Locating the spa was super easy, it's close to the popular alade market after Allen roundabout in ikeja. I was welcomed by the owner herself who turned out to be a lovely and down to earth lady knowledgable in all things skin. She immediately recommended I do an acne facials as I had lots of white and black head. She threw in a body scrub for freeπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ. I did... 

Excuse the low quality pictures taken with my phone in bad lighting. 

Steam (3000) looked more like a spaceship lol.

A Swedish massage (10,000)

Pedicure (2000)
I received a complimentary meal of shawarma and a mini sized can of coke. Yeay!!!! 

And an acne facial (15000).
The pain I got from the extraction of the numerous black and white head was no joke!!! 

Luckily for you guys the deal is still on trust me when I say this is a steal. Overall I enjoyed the spa treatment. Thank you house of Tay you've got a repeat client in me.

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