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I get quite a bit of compliments on my false lashes and I want to share w you guys on which ones I wear. I started wearing false lashes about a year ago and im HOOKED! 

My go to brand would be red cherry lashes because it's human hair, wide selection range and pocket friendly. All these beauties to pick from... 
These lashes are relatively cheaper and last longer than most high end brands I've used.  I tend to reach more for DW, WSP, 43 and 102. 
Its invisiband (clear stop band) makes it so much more easier to apply and you don't necessarily need to apply eyeliner to cover up the band. A pretty basic lash, fairly long and full, but not too crazy. My favourite so far. 

These are medium length, fluttery lashes. They don't have much of a flair at all. They're a little thicker at the base than at the end, which helps with a thick looking lashline without the whole thing being over the top.  I recommend using this lashes when wearing a neutral eye look, with or without liner, if you prefer, but not on smoky eyes, because they won’t really show that much and it’s a waste since they complement beautifully natural/neutral eye looks.

In my opinion all the wispy styles are kinda natural-looking, because they’re very thin and lightweightThere’s more length and less volumeThe final result tends to resemble the one given by the individual lashes, that blend way better with your own real lashes, but are very time consuming to apply and require quite a bit of practice.

I practically use this everyday.

Holy. Molly. These are fantastic. SO thick at the base, all the way out to the ends, with little frizzly sprigs the ends like sparks from a fire. Or like lashes that you just can't keep from growing. Like some Rapunzel action on your eyes, these lashes inspire the hell out of me.

Just look at them.

I get up to 10 uses in these. Just clean them CAREFULLY.

Use hand soap and warm water to soak them over night on a small lid. Than GENTLY pull off the softened glue with tweezers or nails.
Till my next post....

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