Jewellery Haul


Happy children's day beautiful people,

I took my bestie for support to my appointment with my dentist for a tooth removal because my threshold for pain is currently zero but with the traffic and poor timing, we missed it. She decided to grab a couple of food items at the market, I wasn't too happy with the idea and had to sit in an empty stall while she pick them up. Right where I was sitting a lady came to the stall holding a black polythene bag, spread what looked like a wrapper and a whole bunch of eye candies from the polythene bag and was yelling at the top of her lungs "100 100 Naira"  There were ear rings, nose ring, rings, cuffs neck pieces and all sorts of jewelries.

I didn't know what to make of it... Could it be for sale? Was it stolen? At such ridiculous price it had to be and I wanted nothing to do with it. A decision I regret now. I jumped on the wagon only when her wares were running out I was only able to grab a few. I was so jealous seeing other ladies sample what they got I haven't stopped beating myself for not checking them out earlier as I was the "first to come" for lack of a better phrase she met me there.  

I'm in love with this😍😍😍

The best of them yet.

They all cost N500/ C10 / $2. You read right... Where else can you get a better deal? I will be rocking these beauties in the coming weeks. I also found out people like her who don't have a stall come there occasionally with clothing, jewelries and shoes to sell... Needless to say I will be back.

Till my next post...

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