Beauty On A Budget: La Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer


I got the La girl HD pro concealer in Fawn about 17 months ago and the first time I tried using it, it looked horrible!!! Probably because of the mode of application, my makeup skills or skin I’m not sure but I quickly tossed it somewhere and totally forgot about it until 3 months ago.

I thought to give it one more try after running out of my favorite concealer and I was glad I did!!! Also gave in and bought two more shades in chestnut and warm honey.

Packaging: it comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a little brush tip and a secure screw cap. 

: They are medium coverage, matte finish, super build-able, and natural looking. 

Application: They are a bit dryer than the usual liquid concealers so you will need to blend them pretty quickly after applying. I use the a beauty blender sponge.

Overall thoughts: Overall I am really impressed with the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer and will be using it for now on in place of my MAC Pro Long wear concealer to highlight my under eye area and cover some old acne spot. Something weird happened the third time I used it I noticed a clear liquid dripping out of the tube instead of the product. I freaked out, I went and squeezed it again and almost quarter of tubes content squirted out!! It was such a mess!!! Luckily I have more than one. They dispense very smoothly but the brush applicator soaks up products and it’s unhealthy to use directly on your face because of the possibility of bacteria buildup. I just have to practice using different application methods to see what works best.

Price: $3 / N600 /C20

Purchased from: Ladymoss

  • Perfect coverage.
  •  Smooth Texture and Natural looking finish
  •  Very pigmented.
  • Good for photographs (I use them on my brides so much)
  • Oh, and extremely cheap!!! This is always good for your pockets.


  • Dries quickly.
  •  Brush tip applicator is not hygienic.
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  1. Yh i hate it when the clear liquid comes out instead of the concealor but hey for that price im not complaining


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