Beauty On A Budget: Brush egg


Washing my brushes has always been a chore for me like why don't they wash themselves? Why do I have to be saddled with the responsibility of washing my makeup brush at least once a week? Oh why (sobs). 

Previously temporarily I would use a baby wipe and 99% alcohol I got from hegai and Esther to clean but for an Indebt wash, I'd put a lil soap on my hands close to a running tap and rotate my brush rigorously on the hand until I feel it's clean enough; little did I know I was doing more harm by shortening the lifespan of my bristle until some started falling apart henc the hunt for a more effective way. 

I searched high and low to find a cost effective product and this just kept popping up. I have been seeing this around for the longest time ever but couldn't justify paying N2000 for it. I always push it away I'd rather use my hands (aka superglue) lols. Imagine my azonto dance when I found this on aliexpress for $1/N300/C4 and ships for free no kidding!!!  As an extreme cheap skate I ordered sharp sharp to avoid stories that touches the bombom.

It took two weeks to arrive I can't complain. Its made of high quality silicone that won't damage your brushes, quick and easy to use, compact in size and very cute, fits easily in my makeup case. Smaller knobs on the top is used for foaming and lathering. Let's just say I've stepped up my brush washing game up one notch. It's so much simpler...

Product: Silicone brush egg 
Cost: $1.20 / N350 / C6
Shipping Method: China post (Free)
Date ordered: 7-June-2016
Date received: 2-July-2016

Till my next post....

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