La Splash Smitten Tint Moose in Nagini and Spellbound


The LASplash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse is a transfer free, waterproof liquid lip color that dries down to a completely matte finish. The most outstanding quality about the LA Splash liquid lipsticks  is how long-lasting they are of which i have a detailed review. I've used a lot of liquid lipsticks and these are some of the best. However, they feel quite tight on the lips. It's a feeling you become accustomed to, It it extremely pigmented and applies easily with the doe foot wand. A single coat covers well, but you have to pay very special attention to the inner part of your bottom lip and cover well or it looks off. The mousse is very lightweight on the lips and you will have to make sure to exfoliate your lips and moisturize with a lip balm before applying as the matte formula is very unforgiving to dry lips. The scent though is a little bothering; it smells like paint but not too overwhelming. It fades after a while. Thick mousse like formula that gives even color in one swipe. The low down is that this CRACKS the most if not applied carefully, second layer is impossible if not applied thinly.

With shades like this you can never go wrong. I picked up two more shades in Nagini and Spellbound. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and is a color that you have to wear with confidence or it will wear you. You will stand out and get noticed. 

Spellbound is a chocolate brown shade

Here is a look i created using Spellbound

Nagini is a deep emerald green.

These liptint are worth a try and deserve the attention it currently gets.
I recommend them for those who want to try new formulas and wants BOLD colors that last!

What are your thoughts on this product? Let me know in the comments

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  1. These are so pigmented! did they work like that in real life then?


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