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YHello beauties!! :)  Something randomly came over me this week that made me want to shop for accessories. It all began when I went to my local market. I saw a little crowd of ladies gathering (whenever this happens there’s always something good going on there). I decided to join lo and behold so many things caught my eye! Sparkly necklaces to pretty gold bangles and strap bracelets jumped out at me. I couldn't help but get a few so for all of you that LOVE LOVE LOVE Accessories this is for you.

The first piece that caught my eye was this. I have been trying to build up my collection of bracelets and cuffs. I love silver and this pointed stud design is very edgy. Most of my current jewelry is rather girly, so I thought this harder look would be an awesome compliment to balance out my usual style

Why buy one when you can buy 5?

This neck piece is undoubtedly the best of the lot. I have been eyeing a true statement necklace that does not require any other piece of glamour accessory to make you look special and this one has definitely stopped my search.

The next item I bought was this headpiece. I like the mix of cotton and see through net because, again, its more of an edgy look, but these are also simple enough to be worn with a lighter style as well.

I have never owned a two finger ring before and I was not thrilled that this is gold and not silver, but this is pretty awesome and actually more comfortable than I could have expected. Again $1 /C3 /200 , so it was a no brainer!

They were super cheap so i went a little overboard. One one these necklaces would norally retail for $10/ N2000/ C40 but hey fell within the range of $3/ N600/ C10

Overall, I think my Jewelry Haul was quite successful. I spent a few bucks but definitely picked up a bunch of items I will wear over and over again in the upcoming months! So, did you see anything that you liked from my haul? Or perhaps you have a few of these items yourself. Let me know what you think and how you wear your pieces for summer. Leave a comment below


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  1. So so pretty! Envious of your new jewellry collection!

  2. Nice think every woman needs this site


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