Beauty Trends We Are Ditching In 2015


The very nature of a trend means that it will inevitably fade. Fashion and beauty trends tend to have a short shelf life and as the new year approaches, naturally, we evaluate what’s hot and what’s not for the following year.2015 birthed a lot of amazing things! One of such was "kyle Jenner lip challenge" girls desperately trying to recreate kyle jenner lips using cups and weird pencil technique that one could argue she paid good money for!!! I have a few things we’d like to see vanish into the abyss of whack beauty trends come January 1st 2016. Here are some :-

Makeup Shaming: The decision to wear or not wear makeup is, of course, up to each individual person themselves. "We wear makeup because it's fun. Stop shaming women and men for the way they look, whether it is about their weight, the way they dress or the amount of makeup they wear! Statements like “Your makeup is too much”  “I don’t like the way you did you eyebrow”  “Natural beauty is the best” should not be made. If you don’t like something then don’t do it.

Overdrawned/Overlined Lips: Overdrawn liner looks cheap and harsh; we all desire that Angelina-style pillow pout, but leave that to designated lip plumper! Nothing says “trout pout” like overdrawn lines. In order to enhance, but not excessively exaggerate your pucker, trace your natural lip line, or draw ever so slightly above it for a little extra oomph!

Over Baking: Ever taken a picture and you’re like WTF? Do i actually look like that? that is probably because you over did it. go easy on the foundation and highlighting powder!!! Makeup is all about enhancing your beauty not masking it. Less is the new More.

Faux mole: A faux mole aka beauty mark is a euphemism for a type of dark facial mole, so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature. Trust me you don’t want to have a beauty mark today and not have it at night or the day after so please drop it!!!
Confession time: I actually have a small, flat black mole on the right side of my nose that I occasionally darken and enlarge with black liquid liner. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I've turned pimples and blackheads into beauty marks over the years too.

Spamming/Trolling: You go to other people’s page to leave rude comments or comments about your product/services but you aren’t a subscriber? So basically you don’t support their content but you want others to support you? Let’s learn to support each other no matter what because you can’t grow by bringing people down.

Have any beauty trend you'd like us to drop in 2016? let me know in the comment.

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  1. Argh! i agree with you. I'd like to see these trends gone too: overly drawn and bold eye brows, over contouring and highlighting with banana powder esp of the nose,
    one trend i'd like to stay is strobing.

    1. If i watch one more video of how to contour and highlight..... strobing sighs!!! now companies are producing strobing creams.

  2. Pls who won the christmas giveaway?

    1. Frank Kwashie did. We sent It out last week and he acknowledge receipt. There'll be more giveaway. Thanks for your time


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