5 beauty dares


I look back to yesteryear when I couldn't care less about my appearance and would always go out wondering why my friends put so much time and effort into how they look . Today, I’m a rather different girl. I’m the one with the loud lip color and the topknot, the funky sunglasses and unusual accessories—and no longer am I afraid to goof off (even when I’m all spruced up).

So here’s a challenge for the New Year: Take a chance on one, two, or all five of these fierce beauty trends, which cover everything from lips to locks to lacquers. I dare you!

We are just catching onto this in Africa but eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal system that has been practiced for centuries by women in Asia and Middle East. The brow hair is wrapped around the thread and gently pulled. Definitely more hygienic than the razor and plucking and doesn't hurt as much as waxing

Spider lashes
Create spider lashes by placing top and bottom lashes to the eye. If you are looking for that eye arching appeal, spider lashes can get you there!

Vampy lips 
They are back! Those plum and burgundy lip stains that rocked the 80's. If you were too young to wear lipstick then here's your chance. 

Body Detox
Detox is now a catch all for many principles. Detox can consist of juicing and refraining from certain foods to colonics. From mud scrubs to oil rubs, call your spa of choice and choose a technique that offers the relief you are seeking. 

Stiletto nails 
If you love fancy fingers then stiletto nails are for you. With a longer nail, there's more room to play with accessories like studs and jewels. There's no point in skipping this trend, all the celebrities are doing it.

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