LAsplash Smitten Liptint Moose in Siruis


All year round I love me a good vamp lip, LASplash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse in Siruis is one of those “I Mean Business” colors, it definitely makes a statement. Every makeup lover should have at least one color like this in their collection.

Packaging: Shinny cylinder bottle with pink metallic cap and metallic La Splash words. 

Formula: Light moose like formula that gives good coverage in one swipe and dries quickly.

Overall thoughts:  I’m impressed with this shade, especially for the cost.  This definitely is long lasting.  I swatched them on my hands the first day I got them and through washing dishes and everything else in between, it took almost two days to get it off my hand completely.  However, if you are looking for a lipstick that you know will last all day or longer – through eating, drinking and a whole lotta kissing (teehee), then I definitely suggest you try this out. 

·         Waterproof/ Transfer proof/ Kiss proof
·         Highly pigmented
·         Matte finish
·         Contains paraben
·         Dries out the lips
·         No fragrance ( strong smell while in use but disappears after it dries)
Cleaning up is a chore 

Price: $13 / 2600 / C45

Purchased from:  LASplash

Tips: Take your time, don’t rush when applying this product to achieve more presentable result.
To remove compress your lips gently with oil base makeup remover or olive oil then gently massage off.

NOTE: LASplash has renamed many of their colors Sirius aka Deadly Nightshade.

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  1. This color is the truth. Love it. Just found your blog. Nice content


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