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Aliexpress has become the worlds largest online store located in China; this is probably because of its insanely low prices and massive product availability. 

Let’s get started. Aliexpress is not a store but a basic platform that connects millions of sellers and buyers. The two main function of Aliexpress is making sure the seller adheres to the stipulated rules and protecting consumers if they run into any problem with the seller or platform. You can find virtually everything on Aliexpress from fashion, electronics, weaves, decor to arts and crafts.

Here's a guide on how to cut off "the middle man" and their insane prices and take matters into your hands lol.

1. Seller Reputation: This is usually given by Aliexpress to the vendor you can find this at the top right part of the page. Here you'll see either medals (good reputation), Diamonds (very good reputation), or crowns (excellent reputation). Click to see the vendors scores on items as described, shipping speed and communication. Green would be displayed if the vendor’s scores are above average and red if below average (keep off).

2. Reviews, Ratings and Comments: This will give you a good idea of the quality and general satisfaction of people who has bought from the vendor. It is also helpful to look at the amount of items sold. If there are lots of sales and the reviews and ratings are positive, you are dealing with a trust worthy seller.

A seller does not need to have a 100% positive score (although that would be ideal) but anything less than a 90% is a no-no for me. Also take a look on the number of feedback submitted. If a seller have a 100% positive feedback but only have 12 feedbacks in total, then I would suggest you to look at other more established sellers. It is possible that those feedback are self-generated by the sellers (through one way or another) although this might not always be the case, it is better to be cautious than losing your money for nothing.

3. Read Complete Item Details/Description: Sometimes very useful information is included in the item details/description section. Do NOT place the order by just looking at the product title and photos; instead check the description as well and there might be certain explanations that seller has left for the buyers. For example, the seller may state the features, specifications, compatibility, and quality of the item and whether it is a replica or an original product. Shipping, refunds and support related questions are also generally answered in the item description.

4. Contact the seller: If you are in doubt or need more info and real photos of the item.

5. Payment methods: Alipay - Risk for buyers - none. 
Credit card - Risk for buyers - none.
Bank Transfer - Risk for buyers 50/50.

If you receive a proposal from a seller asking you to complete transactions directly to them instead of via, you should ignore their requests and report them as soon as possible. Should you accept the seller’s proposal, you will not be entitled to our AliExpress Buyer Protection. This means if the items you receive are not what you expected or if they fail to arrive, AliExpress cannot help you get a replacement or a refund.

6. Avoid Free Shipping for Expensive Items: Free shipping is usually sent via the National Post service and takes a long time to arrive. There is also an extended risk of items being delivered as broken or even never reaching the destination. So, while free shipping is okay for low priced goods, do choose some decent shipping service (DHL, EMS; etc) when buying items with high prices. Also ask for shipping insurance if the seller supports that.
7. Do not confirm delivery before receiving the order.
8. Open A Dispute: AliExpress allows you to dispute a transaction in case you are not satisfied with your purchased products or if you don’t receive it within the projected delivery date. You only get one chance of disputing a transaction and you should not waste it if the seller is talking a longer time in shipping the goods.

Like in any online store you must be cautious and take precaution when making a purchase but i feel that if you follow this guide, you'll minimize the risk almost to zero that are associated with buying on Aliepress.
 There you have it a complete guide on how to buy in Aliexpress!!! 

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How was your experience ordering off Aliexpress? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better. I spend about one hour browsing through products just to buy one


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