Lets Talk Lipstick: Mac Saint Germain


Mac Saint Germain lipstick is described on the MAC website as a clean, pastel pink. It's a very blue-based (cool toned) pink, It's a "barbie" pink, that can be difficult to pull off, and most times is a hit or miss on most skin tones.

Packaging: Regular black and silver bullet tube.

: Amplified creme finish. It's very creamy.

Application:    Colour coverage is opaque.

Overall thoughts:   Love the color but I'm not crazy about the chalky like consistency (it streaks a lot and wears off the middle of the lips quickly). If you don't like bright lipsticks than skip this one. If you want something fun and different and you don't mind the maintenance of keeping this looking well, then buy it but I'm sure some people may find this difficult to wear or pull off. I use it sparingly over Mac cork lipliner for a subtle pastel pink hue. It's gorgeous with a neutral matte eye look. Definitely test this to ensure it complements your skin tone before purchasing.

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What are you thoughts on this lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Not everyone can pull this off...

    1. Very true. I'm not sure i'll repurchase when i run out


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