Happy 55th Independence Day


Freedom is non-negotiable I do decree,

However, at what price and when is freedom, no longer free.
I ask this question because I am sure that we all agree, 
Our country has become so corrupt and full of anarchy.

Our ruling politicians are causing chaos and unrelenting strife,

And expect us to march to the beat of their drums, and noisy fife.
While they abuse our trust, our taxes and embezzlement is rife, 
And they make a misery of our right to a normal self-respecting life.

When our guests from other countries both far and near, 

Have no rights and continually live with anxiety and also in fear.
Our constitution and other human rights that we hold so dear,
Are under threat by the ruling party who would like it to disappear.

When Joe Citizen finds it hard to stomach the deterioration of so many things,

And our leaders believe that we are their pawns and they are the kings.
When an immoral, unethical, dishonest leader expects us to jump when he sings, 
Is the reason that all creed and colors are looking abroad to spread their wings.

Our leaders must realize circumventing the law for self-enrichment is not the key, 

If we want our country to be prosperous and to be revered internationally. 
A leader’s job is not to dictate, but rather to be respected, admired and be a trustee, 
Of the land we love, with so much potential, a land which should be freer than free.       

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