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Hair products I speak rarely about, but I went through periods when i purchased hair product just for the hype. The result was a certain amount of products accumulated random, which in part have been well put in a corner because they have not proven adequate. But lately I have gathered a number of new products and I decided to join them in a post and add a few lines about it. Today's post brings together what is working for my hair right now

98% of the time i use a wide tooth comb to untangle and try not to brush it too much outside of that to avoid breakage.

Keracare hydrating detangling shampoo produces a rich lather to remove excess oils from hair and scalp without stripping. Eases wet and dry combing. Repairs damaged areas.Just about the only thing that helps "fix" the dryness and tangles in my hair. It's too bad that I didn't know about this sooner

Conditioner helps correct and prevent moisture loss due to exposure to chemicals. It helps prevent brittleness, breakage and splitting. Hydrates and humectifies. 

This is perfect for hot oil treatment. Sometimes i add argan or coconut oil to it but it works fine on its own. This oil is very moisturizing and nourishing I noticed a difference within days and a little goes a long way. Not sure of the natural oils but this is doing wonders to my hair and is now a stable.    

Has anyone tried any of these products? Let me know I the comments.

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  1. Your hair is so aunty was using the product in the UK,when she came to accra she asked me to look around for the product it was the first time I heard about it,I didn't get it though...any idea where I can get this in Accra?

    1. Thanks. You can buy from first choice salon or the salon at total baatsona. i usually buy mine from a store called devada along spintex road

    2. You can also purchase from the sole agents of Keracare in Ghana, Snippets in Osu. It's just down the street from Koala next to the Shisha Lounge They have the entire range available.

    3. I'll definitely check them out. I bet it would be cheaper there

  2. Nice long hair. Looks healthy too


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