Makeup Trend Alert: Strobing


If you have only just mastered the art of contouring, sorry, put down your brush. There is a new make-up trend on the block and it promises to change your life or not. Hehehee

Unlike contouring, which requires the use of multiple products, strobing is a lot simpler and consists of the applier finding where the natural light hits their cheekbones, brows, nose and chin, and using the highlighter to define that area. Think of it as only highlighting without the contour.Strobing relies solely on highlighters and natural light to define your face and radiate a youthful look.While contouring often leaves a matte finish, strobing delivers a shimmery effect if the right products are used. The best part? Your skin won't feel suffocated by layers and layers of makeup in the Summer heat because you're only using one extra product.

Here are just some of the best examples of strobing so far:

Is this trend really new? Or has it just been renamed....let me know in the comments.

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