DIY: Seal Your Weft


For many of us, hair is not just a necessary accessory, it’s a major investment! One of the major ways that hair loses its value is by the shedding that takes place.  Even if hair is wefted perfectly, there may be a small degree of hair that sheds. One of the best hair investment preservation strategies that that I have learned is to seal the wefts of the hair – very simple yet USEFUL practice. 

The weft of the hair is the strip of hair at the top, in which the hair is sewn together to form a bundle of hair that can be used to be sewn or bonded to your hair for hair extensions

~What You Will Need~

·         Wefted Hair Extensions

·         Sealer (I use Dritz Fray Check)

·         Something to protect your surface and lay the hair on (towels, cardboard, table or an ironing board)

Step 1~ Wash, condition and dry the hair prior to sealing.

Step 2~ In a well ventilated space; lay the extension tracks down on a foil on the floor or any hard surface.

Step 3~ Place the sealant on the tracks. Run it along the length of the weft, applying it directly to the weft.

Step 4~ Let it dry. The drying time will depend on what brand/type of sealant you use. Most "dry" quickly but it don't "cure" immediately

Step 5~ Once it’s dry to the touch or your satisfaction, do the other side of the track if you want. I know some ladies that double seal. So do what's best for you.

Once completely dry it should be clear. If you’re heavy handed with your sealant you may look a little white.

The color of the wefts really shouldn't matter since with a good install they will not be seen. (Seriously if you can see your wefts, you have bigger issues than white wefts)
However, for those who are really worried about it, you can always add a little powdered dye to your weft sealer of choice. This will tint the sealer, and solve the “problem”.

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Do you seal your wefts? what hair sealants do you use? let me know in the comments.

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