Lets Talk Lipstick: Mac Heroine


I've been a member of the Church of the Red and nude Lipstick since 2009, & while I have no plans of defecting, I thought it was high time i expanded my lipstick horizons anew.

This is thee perfect shade of purple. Not too dark, not too light

I once heard that purple is a universally flattering shade for all skin tones, but looking at the bullet in the tube, I never would've thought I could pull off this a lipstick this bold

A smoothly-pigmented matte that's really more like a cross between a good amplified and a stiff satin, with a slight sheen and acceptable mouth-feel.  For a purple you get great even coverage

Overall thoughts:
If you like lipstick colours that are a bit different to the norm, I would highly suggest this. When matched with the right make-up and outfit it can look great, just be careful not to overdo it with this lipstick as it can easily make your overall look too much 

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