DIY: Depot Lipsticks


Hey guys I finally decided to take the plunge and depot all my single lipstick into a palette. This is going to save me a whole lot of time and space and help organise my makeup storage area.

Here's what you'll need:

1. A whole bunch of lipstick.
2. A pallete. In this case I'm using the single 24 well Mac lipstick Palette with clear lid. Each of these wells does not hold a full lipstick. It holds probably about 2/3 depending on the lipstick brand.
3. A knife or a spatula.
4. A flat iron.

I decided to use this method because it is fast and you can control the heat. I used to depot my lipstick individually using a small bowl or a spoon over a lit candle. I find that quite a bit of product (a substantial amount of product) is wasted still coating the spoon after it is poured into the tray. It tends to get messy, a lot of clean ups to be done.
Here's how: 

1. Using a spatula or a knife, cut the lipstick just enough to fill the well

2. Plug the flat iron 

3. Place the palette containing the lipstick on the flat iron using a towel or a thick cloth as a protective layer underneath. 

4. Remove and leave to set.

An even faster way is using a blow drier!!! 

Easy peasy... This way less mess to clean up .

Thinking of depoting your lipsticks? What method will you use? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Very simple. I've never depotted my lipstick but this looks easy enough to try.


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