DIY: Clip in bangs


Hi everyone,
I'm here with another DIY project... don't you just love how you can recreate stuffs for less? This week it's going to be BANGS!!!
Bangs are so in this season but cutting bangs is a big commitment.i've been on the search for the perfect clip in bangs, but sadly I've found that most units lack the proper construction so I took matters into my own hands and made my own clip-in sidefringe! They key is to design the unit around your preferred hairstyle. 

Here's what you'll need:

1. Hair extensions 
2. Wig clips 
3. Sewing thread and needle 
4. Scissors to cut.

Here’s how I created my side sweep clip on bangs:
Measure how long you need your tracts to be and sew the wig clips on it 

Pack your hair up in a bun 

Place the shorter tract half way on your sleeked up hair.

Place the second tract close to your bun, adjust the bun to cover the tracts.

Using a flat iron style as desired.

Use an edge control to tame those stubborn edges. I used olive oil edge control.

 I finally settled for this!!!

You can also use this method for a full fringe.

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  1. This is very cool. The clips are not common though

    1. Thanks Hun. You can find it in any leading hair store or Balogun if you live in Lagos. you can also order online from aliexpress its super cheap. i believe vendors don't carry it because people don't buy as much.


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