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This week we’re taking a break from the tutorials and giving you five top tips to keep your nails healthy 
Ladies love their nails. They make our hands look elegant and feminine and we would like them to be strong and pretty. However, a lot of girls out there have problems with their nails. Get rid of those problems today!

1. NAIL CREAM: Your regular hand cream is sometimes not enough. In order to take good care of your nails, you need to get special nail creams. They are usually not expensive, and there’s a bunch of them on the market. Try a couple until you find the one that suits you best.

2. WATER:  a top tip for repairing thin, breakable nails is to keep them out of water as much as you can, especially hot water as it dries out the skin and weakens your nails. 

3. BASE COAT: need another tip for getting long, strong nails? Wear a base coat, with or without polish. This will protect your nails from water damage and some such as Seche’s range will provide extra care too. 

4. CUTICLE OIL: this should always be your finishing touch when completing a manicure. It will help keep your cuticles nourished and promote a professional look to your look. CND’s Solar Oil is amazing and smells like almonds which is always nice.

5. BROKEN NAIL?: cut the rest down too. Although it’s hard when you reach your perfect length and then one breaks, it’s much better to have neat, short nails all the same length than 8 long and 2 short (because we all know nails break in pairs). For the broken nails, gently file them so the edge isn’t rough and you’re less likely to experience a further breakage.  

How do you care for you nails? Let me know in the comments.

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