Review: sleek lip conditioner


Another week went by and another brilliant make-up discovery in the Fiery Phoenix closet

I thought it was about time we dove into Sleek Makeup and see what all the hype is about.

what i love most about this product is the variety of shades to pick from. i got this tinted lip conditioner in pink Cadillac 

A tinted lip conditioning balm formulated with natural oils such as Almond Oil and Shea Butter

The texture is thick and builds up incredibly well for more pop. The product is difficult to describe in terms of formula as it leans towards being emollient but not sticky or tacky and creamy but not crazy glossy or shiny. If you fancy natural lip look that isn't heavy, this is for you.

The only downside i noticed is that this comes in a jar and you'll need a lip brush to apply to avoid putting your fingers into the product!

It also contains SPF 15!

The shade on my pigmented lips looks very sheer and slick almost like a tinted lip balm, its the perfect daytime shade for my lips when I just want a hint of color.

It keeps lips moisturized, I have super dry lips and they don't act crazy when I have this on.

My first venture into Sleek lip products is a promising one. Count me very impressed with Pout Polish. The product is an easy dupe for MAC Lip Conditioners but packs a lot more into the pot in terms of pigmentation and quality plus price and value.

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Have you tried the Pout Polish? what did you think? share it in the comments.

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  1. I haven't tried this but it looks like something I would like.

    I see you are finally playing with our new baby , the picture quality is great

    1. You should definitely try it. Our baby is a lot of work but I'll get there. Thanks sweets.

  2. I have the same lip pout... It last forever. I've had mine now for two years and it's not even half yet. I'm glad you did this. Spread the word this product is underrated

  3. Sleek is one product I find myself going back to after chasing other products Muas online rave about. It's super affordable. Every lady should have a couple

  4. is it me or theres no picture of it on your lips? First time on your blog. thumbs up.

  5. No Hun. I'm so sorry. its been rectified.


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