Beauty Discovery: Dudu Osun


Two months ago I chatted with my "oyinbo" friend from the US  and she couldn't stop talking about her beauty discovery, an all natural product that helped her with her untamed breakout, I Had no clue as to what she was talking about and ask her to buy me some when coming from the states. 

She came back last month, Lo and behold it was Dudu Osun aka "ose dudu" There and then a Nigerian proverb in one of Frank Edwards songs started playing in my head “Wetin you dey find for Sokoto, dey inside your shokoto”   I've always seen this soap but have never brought myself to try it.

Here is my own analysis, based on chemistry and personal experience:

1. The soap is ALL NATURAL!!! Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs. Bio-degradable soap with no preservatives, artificial colors. Really Great Scent! Osun (Cam-wood extract) citrus juice, shea butter, cocoa pod ash, Aloe Vera and pure honey.

2. Anti-bacterial action: Bacteria do not thrive well in alkaline environments. Dudu-Osun creates a highly alkaline environment which has a more highly disinfectant action than most soaps.

3. Skin irritation: Caustic alkaline soaps have a very high potential for skin irritation. This is the downside of Dudu-Osun's disinfectant qualities. If you use Dudu-Osun, wash it off immediately. Don't let it get near your eyes or other more fragile tissue.

4. Exfoliation: With 
Dudu-Osun while your skin will feel clean, you won't have the refreshing quality that a good exfoliant produces. Chemical exfoliants are typically acidic (e.g., alpha hydroxy acid). Dudu-Osun is alkaline. It is not the best solution for skin exfoliation.

5. General effectiveness: It took only a couple of days for me to resolve a scalp breakout with Dudu-Osun. it helped to restore my damaged skin and is beneficial in treating the symptoms of chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots.

6. Value: 
Each soap weighs 150 Grams (5.2 ounces) What can I say? This product is a steal at its current pricing. If you're careful about flushing with water and don't mind getting a separate exfoliant, it should serve you well.

7Do keep it in a water tight container  if you leave a soap to sit in or near a water puddle…yes correct! It will get all mushy and soggy yuck

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Would you give this soap a try? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Just got this today after reading your blog... Fingers crossed

  2. You'll love it. Thank me later

  3. Am going to get mine today


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