5 Ways To Stop Nail Biting


Hey!!! What do you think you're doing? Don't you know that biting your nails can cause infection or even worse give you permanent nail damage? I know its a hard habit to break that's why i'm gonna show you five different ways to tackle the problem and break his bad habit for good!!!

  1.  Anti Biting Nail Polish

The first method is by using an anti biting nail polish> Yes you read right!!! Anti biting nail polish.
You can find this product at your local beauty supply store. Many different brands carry them in their line.its a clear treatment that you put over your natural nails every few days. The reason that this works is because they have a bad taste to them so when you put your nails in your mouth unconsciously you'd be reminded to take them out by the bad taste. You'll want to keep your nails out of your mouth because these polishes taste pretty gross!!!

2.   Using Fake Nails Over Your Natural Nails

Try the press on kind as they are gentler on your nails and easy to remove. Just peel off to reveal the sticky side and press firmly over your nails. This will help protect your natural nails because they are covering them so you wont be able to bite them and they will grow out strong and beautiful beneath the press on nails.

3. Bringing a Cuticle Cutter 

A lot of the time people begin biting their nail because there's an annoying hang nail and they are picking at it hence the need to bite it off. If you have a cuticle cutter on hand you can use that instead to remove it safely. If you don't have a cuticle cutter you could always just bring a small nail clipper instead.

4. Using Nail Art

Having a a pretty and new manicure will keep you from wanting to bite them because you wont want to ruin the work you've put in . Stay tune for some gorgeous nail art tutorial coming soon to the blog

5. Tackling The Problem At Its Root

Boredom and anxiety are the two main nail biting culprit for most people they are either trying to keep their body busy while their mind is lacking interest or they are biting as a way to ease their anxiety. if you believe you bite your nails because you are bored try keeping your hands busy. For example you could always have a coin in your purse and when you see that you are biting your nails stop and play the coin instead.

There you have it 5 different ways to break the bad habit of nail biting. i hope this post helped and remember you can do anything you set your mind to.

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 I'd love to hear some other ways you have tried. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Will definitely try some of them... Been biting my nails since like forever


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