Lets Talk LIpstick: #1 Mac Velvet Teddy


"Mac Velvet Teddy" was the first lipstick I got through the Back to Mac program. I'd been eyeing it for ages. 

At the time I didn't own ANY nudes and I always thought that a nude lip was so sophisticated. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with nude lips

It is described as deep tone beige despite looking much darker and browner in tube. I've seen images of different bloggers and users of this shade online and observed that for those with more pigmented lips, they come out browner.

The funny thing about Velvet Teddy is how different it appears depending on your skin tone. On  pale skin it appears as more of a warm brown nude, but on others it can appear more of a peachy nude shade.

It’s not very drying and glides on smoothly, unlike let’s say MAC Ruby Woo. Although, I don’t think this lipstick can be worn over chapped lips as seen below, because of its color, it’ll really highlight the dryness of one’s lips. 

I've worn this over freshly exfoliated lips and gotten compliments like "your lips look so plump and delectable." If that doesn't sell you on this lipstick, I don't know what will haha

Finish:  Matte

Colors:  nude, brownish

Why buy: well if your budget is not so tight and you want a trendy lippie color then this is for you. 

Would I buy again? Probably not because I have tons of Mac, etc in similar color already.

Application: These lipsticks has a very soft sheen, but there is no shimmer in it  and it goes on smoothly, you need to go over the lips a couple of times to actually get a good coverage.

Price: #3,900

My Thoughts: I'm not sure why they call this color "Velvet Teddy", because it's anything BUT "velvety" on the lips! This is a super matte, it’s an everyday lipstick that I definitely see myself abusing interchangeably with Mac Honey love. The color pay off on Velvet Teddy is amazing, and I'd expect no less from Mac. Just one swipe of the product gives an even smooth finish and the lasting power of this product is great.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this shade! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Dis is definateli not for me,i av very dry and dark lips

    1. All you need is a good lip moisturizer and a lip pencil. It will definitely work. Remember never say never


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