Lets talk lipstick: #2 Mac Ruby Woo


MAC describes Ruby Woo as a Very Matte Vivid Blue Red. All of us have heard so much about this one shade .. its the most hyped shade IMO

I don’t know anyone who hasn't heard of/ thinks this color is gorgeous; there’s a reason it is so hyped and has reached ‘cult classic’ status. This color looks gorgeous on literally every skin tone whether you are super fair skinned, dark skinned and everything in between. 

Officially this was my first Mac lipstick and my all time favorite I had to get it,It had my name on it.

Finish:  Retro matte.

Color:  Red with a blueish undertone

Why buy: It is the ultimate red lipsticksuper pigmented.

Application: Color went on intensely in one full swipe on a moisturized lips.

Longevity: It is a long wearing lipstick. Ideal for people who hate to carry lipsticks around for touch ups! If you applied it in the morning you can be rest assured that you would still be wearing it in the evening!

1. Single coat  –  Lasts 7-8 hours

2. 2-3 coats with brush and lip liner base  – Will last you the whole party and the after party as well! *wink* *wink*

Price: I wish the price wasn't #3,700 
but you can't beat the quality of the lipstick,

My Thoughts: If you’re looking for a matte red color that really stands out and looks like an almost electric/ neon red, this color is for you. However, there is one major downside to this shade that tends to turn people off: the formula. Ruby Woo is a matte shade so of course you would expect it to be drying on the lips, but this lipstick takes the word dry to a whole new level. I mean, this shade reminds me of walking in the desert for days without water in the blistering heat. Luckily, that has never happened to me, but this shade sure makes it feel like it has. Since this is so dry, applying it can be a little difficult; it tugs at the lips and doesn't glide on smoothly but nothing a little bit of my favorite lip moisturizer cant fix.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this shade! Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I love the matte nature of the lipstick. I personally hate the shine of others.

  2. Same here, I feel I get a better value for my money when I buy matte lipstickss.


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