Lips Exfoliation: MK Satin Lips Set


Remember those days as kids, skipping down to a local candy kiosk, spending your money (all N1 of it) on sweet, and then feverishly spreading them all over your lips and making a big mess? 

Well, those days of spreading sugar all over my lips may make actual sense today – I've read that a natural, gentle way to exfoliate lips is to make your very own sugar scrub with honey or olive oil.i'm well over that now.Heres something new. 

The lip mask comes in a little squeeze tube, has a soft,silky texture and does not scratch or irritate

It’s very easy to use and takes less than four minutes to complete the process. I applied the lip mask to clean lips and let it stay on for two minutes.
They aren't peeling and they don't get dry the way they did before I started using this! I was taken aback by how odd it felt the first time I used it. I had never put a mask on my lips, let alone heard of "lip masks." I love that this also contains little particles for exfoliation! That's a very nice touch

Afterwards, I wiped it off in a circular motion with a warm washcloth. 

Then, I applied the Mk satin lip balm but you could use it with any lip balm and get the same "satin lips" result and I was done

My lips are noticeably softer, smoother-textured, and visually appealing after using the mask

Also remember to follow simple steps like, applying a sunscreen to the lips when going out, drinking lots of water, stop smoking e.t.c. If you follow these rules, you will be blessed with healthy lips forever!

Do you exfoliate your lips? What methods do you use? I know there are many other methods than a lip mask and balm as well, but this seems the gentlest, not to mention quick and easy.

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