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Flori Roberts was the first cosmetic brand developed particularly for women of color and i think it’s underrated because of the ever growing cosmetic line available for ethnic women. The quality of their face primer, eye pencils and blush which I've been using for a year spurred me into trying out their eye dust.

I purchased 3 shades of the 13 shades available.

Dazzle dust in dazzling shamrock
Loose mineral eye dust in screaming purple 
Loose mineral eye dust in shiny gold. 

They come in see through containers to excite the visual senses

Eye Dust 
These opalescent powders accentuate the eyes for a dramatic look. The colors are highly pigmented; a little goes a long way and are easy to apply. They can be used wet or dry for all over eye color or as a liner. P.S they are bright colors so if you are going for a natural look, this is not for you!!!

Dazzling Shamrock

*35 Screaming Purple

*25 Shiny Gold

A true blue tone with purple highlight

Overall they are affordable, very pigmented and applied on well primed eyes these beauties can last all day.
If you’d like to see how these eye dust look on the eyes, feel free to follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page @avikyphoenix

Till my next post...
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