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Hey sweets! Recently my quest for a perfect spa treatment led me to a wild goose chase phewwww!!! Wasn’t quite happy with other spas I tried until I found my holy grail Bnatural Med Spa Oddly they didn't have any signpost up. After 30 minutes of driving in circles I finally found it located in the heart of Lagos, 11 Oduduwa Way off Isaac John Ikeja GRA. They practically do EVERYTHING

I went into what looked like a million dollar project, subtle tunes coming from God knows where, customer service was like the icing on the cake the cute lady answered all my questions and finally it was time for the business of the day.

I mentally fought the battle of a lifetime making my choice phewwww!!! Twasn’t easy in the end, I had to consider my pocket so I opted for a classic facial, full body scrub and underarm wax.

The ever smiling lady at the front desk offered me tea then  led me to a waiting area (above) I know right? Out of this world

I finally got the chance to do the Moroccan Hammam I’ve heard so much about *yeay*. It totally made my day.

I was in a steam room for about 20 minutes NAKED with two ladies giggling like it’s a normal thing. As I lay naked, face down, on a tile slab, A Moroccan lady scrubbed me in ways I’ve never been scrubbed with Rhassoul (herbs from morocco), black soup and a unique Hammam sponge. And then I flipped over for a front-side scrub down it tingled at some point (not pleasant) but when the dead cells started to come off I was too shocked to ask questions or snap pictures. Besides incredibly soft skin and a good story to share I had an experience of a lifetime.

I decided to have a deep cleansing and classic facials done and the Filipino therapist took her time to extract the leaving daylight out of my blackheads

It was time for me to go already feeling like a star I decided to check out their list of services

Spa services
• Manicure and pedicure
• Hand and Foot treatment
• Massages
• Facials
• Moroccan Hammam
• Colon irrigation
• Teeth whitening
• Waxing and threading

Laser Treatment
• Complexion Blending
• Hair removal
• Hydra facial
• Visia skin analysis

Cosmetic Dermatology
• Acne therapy
• Botox fillers
• Derma fillers
• Mole and skin tag removal
• Tattoo and stretch mark removal
They also have a salon and a makeup studio.

Now that’s a lot!!! Here’s the best part of my experience

The Moroccan ladies insisted on taking a photo with me how cool is that?

I know.... I know..... I'm a learner with the lip pout thingy

It's definitely a place totally worth checking out…
Lemme know what you think...

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  1. Nice work aviky.

  2. The moroccan hammam is like the best thing ever i recommend you do it every month

  3. Is it the bnatural in Ikeja Gra? do they do laser hair removal?

    1. Yes they do and it is the ikeja branch. They also have a branch on the Island

  4. A trial shall convince. I also had a great massage @ my visit to the spa.rili cool place.

  5. Great spa, great customer service, great everything.....

  6. This place looks amazing! I definitely have to visit when I'm next in Lagos. Follow my blog ta :))


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